Business Council was established in 1973 as a student-lead professional organization within the College of Business. We provide our members with a connection between the professional and social aspects of the business world while building genuine relationships within the organization.

Our Core Values Include:         
• Encouraging teamwork among peers       
• Developing leadership that transcends our organization    
• Fostering dedication to our college and community



This organization is dedicated to providing the students of the College of Business with a richer and fuller educational experience. We do so by assisting in the college’s ongoing operations, special events, and programs by uniting students, faculty, and the community in mutual endeavors. 

Business Council is a large, diverse organization in the College of Business. It offers a variety of activities to students with an interest in business, ranging from resume writing workshops and peer advising to helping organize Graduation ceremonies and the Career Fair. In order to accomplish all that we do, the Council is divided up into committees and each committee plans and organizes their respective events. To network and build stronger relationships, Business Council members are expected to attend and support the activities and events of other committees. All of our efforts fall under our three fundamental organizational pillars: